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YU Launches Fitness Tracker in India for Rs 999. Competes with Mi Band, Fitbit and GOQii

Looks like the time of expensive fitness trackers will soon be over. After Xiaomi, YU has now launched fitness tracker / band which brings in tons of features which I have personally experienced only with Fitbit. Not only it now directly competes with Fitbit, it also takes on GOQii with personal trainer concept that will be free for first 1000 users who buy the band.

YU Fitness Tracker


Along with the app comes the YuFIT App, which is partnership with Helthified, which tracks Calories, Weight tracking, and Fitness Tracking.  The calorie counter is based on Indian Food habit, which means if you had two SAMOSAS, you can find the calories for that too.

Now when I said it was taking on Fitbit as well, I meant towards the online community, and Syncs all the details you track with the band online. Not only this, it also comes with group challenges where you can connect with

YuFit Band Price

The band is priced at Rs 999 which is an excellent pricing keeping in mind the sensitivity of price in India. This is another affordable band now in India, and is done better. The product will be sold next month. There has been no word on its battery right now and how the band is expected to charge. I am sure its going to be proprierty.

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  • Gautam Hans

    We needed something like this for the Indian market from a very long time.
    I’l be able to reduce samosas once I get the watch.

    • There are some apps, calorie Apps, which can tell that.

  • aatifsumar

    Any word on sleep tracking?

    • Good Point. There is no mention of that actually. I guess only Raju will be able to tell that.

  • sbokjui

    was comparing mi band and yu fit… feels like functionality wise mi band might be a better buy … yufit just has a display.. and sleep tracket seems to be missing from yufit… any comments ??

    • Thats a good point. Sleep tracking is actually missing in YuFIT. I am using one and I haven’t see that feature.

      • sbokjui

        and does any of these devices have a heart rate monitor…

  • sbokjui

    another question… how good is yufit app compared to mi band app ?? heard heathyfyme app needs to be paid .. i’m thinking of buying a mi band rather than yu fit.