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3 Best Smart Doorbells for your Home Security

Gone are the days when we used to have the normal doorbells which came with variety of sounds and you need to open the door to see who is around. 2014 is the year of smart tech and we also have smart doorbells which can do quite a lot of things a normal doorbell cant do and it also gives added security to you.

Smart Doorbells are basically devices which can connect to your home Wi-Fi and you can control it from your smartphone apps. This means you can talk with the person who is outside and even watch him/her on your phone before opening the door. In this article, we will cover a list of best 3 smart doorbells which provides you with additional features and added security.

1. SkyBell:

SkyBell is a Wi-Fi enabled doorbell for your home or office which allows you to see, hear and speak to the person at your door from your smartphone no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Skybell has a simple design which comes with a camera and also a button. Whenever somebody presses the button, a live video feed is sent to the smartphone which is connected to it, so that you can view who is at the door from your phone.

You can also talk to the person at the door using the phone.

Skybell image

Skybell can be connected to multiple Android and iOS phones. The device has a motion sensor which means even if someone at the door does not press the button, it can still notify you of new visitor. The device is also water resistant and comes with night vision camera.


You can pre-order Skybell for $199, there is no mention on when the shipping will happen as there is huge demand as per their website.

2. Doorbot:

Doorbot is another Wi-Fi enabled, video doorbell that allows you to see and talk with visitors through your smartphone from anywhere in the world. The device comes with Android and iOS apps and you can view your visitor from anywhere using the app. There’s no limit to the number of smartphones and tablets you can connect to Doorbot. When you have a visitor, Doorbot will simultaneously ring all of your connected devices.


The device can withstand humidity, rain, sleet, snow, ice, and extreme heat, so you do not have to worry about climatic changes. The camera unit on the device is adjustable, so you have view in multiple directions and the camera is night vision enabled. Doorbot is also priced at $199 and is available for purchase from their website.

3. Chui:

We had covered in detail about the new smart doorbell Chui on this blog. Chui can be used as a doorbell as well as a security and monitoring device inside your house. Chui’s motion detection and live feed capabilities enable you to use it inside your house for monitoring and security purposes. Chui is much more advanced the first two and comes to real time notifications, pre-recorded messages, motion detection, do not disturb, automatic door unlock and triggers.

Chui door bell

You can check out our article on Chui for detailed features. Chui looks like an awesome concept and it is already funded. Chui is priced at $199 and you can reserve yours which will be delivered in Fall of 2014.

Although all the three smart doorbells are priced the same, we would suggest Chui as it has more features to offer when compared to others.

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