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About Connected Arena

Like Mobile platform, Wearables are now ready to become the next big thing along with Internet of Things (IoT) in combination. While it’s not going to replace the communication platform, it’s going to become a part of our daily life and might replace smaller things which never bothered us much. Right from Smart Bulbs to Glasses, Watches to Shoes that can communicate data in real time and can be gold mine for both businesses and consumers.

At Connected Arena, expect to get all the important and relevant news, views and reviews related to wearables and IoT. Though we know the wearables space is primed to go mainstream soon, we are still exploring how they actually shape up. So join us in our endeavour of analyzing and breaking down this emerging field of technology.


Connected Arena was an accident. It just happened when Ashish, Nirmal and Raju were discussing about latest trends, the announcement of Android Wear and so on. All three were interested in doing something new and had a common interest, so decided to venture out to do things together instead of doing it all alone. What started out as Wearables Arena got rebranded as Connected Arena in March 2015. Connected Arena has bases in US & India.

Here is a bit of our profiles.

The Team

Ashish Mohta

Ashish Mohta: He has been into Tech Writing for 8 years now. He first started with Windows at Technospot.Net, then moved to Mobile platform where he founded WPXBOX.COM along with Nirmal, which talks about Windows Phone, its apps, devices reviews. He is also a bit of gamer, part of which gets into the Xbox Section.

He thinks that it’s time for wearables and the one which can keep the beauty and be least distractive can survive in long term. In his strongest belief, a watch can be replaced by something better, if  one using it don’t have to look at it all the time but stays notified and still keep his watch.

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Nirmal TV: Nirmal started off with personal blog back in 2005 when Blogspot was best free tool for blogging. He started with tech blogging early 2007 when he got his domain NirmalTV.COM. He mainly covers Windows stuff which includes news, tips, tricks and other tutorials.

Off late he has been into mobile phone review as well and has partnered with Ashish for WPXBOX.COM where he covers Windows Phone related stuff. He also does reviews of latest phones and maintains a YouTube Channel.

Raju PP: Raju has been into tech blogging for 6 years now. He’s particularly interested in personal and consumer technology, which he covers on Technology Personalized.

For a while now, he has been very bullish at the prospects of wearable technology and Internet of Things. He’s a Kickstarter and Indiegogo addict, so expect him to back, acquire and review most of the innovative stuff coming out of these crowdfunding platforms.