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Add “Colored Dots” on Apple Watch Crown & Button to Match with Your Band

When its a Watch, not everybody thinks about decorating it. They are supposed to be looking good right out of the box. Now when its smartwatches, looks like Apple Watch has opened away to add a bit of design to it.

Watch Dots for Apple Watc

WatchDots have designed small labels or dost that can stick on the crown and side button, and match with colour of your band. Looking at the design, we actually think its looks really cool, and they are only priced at $10 on pre-order.  Sounds interesting? Here is the list of features:

  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Made of high performance, premium-grade vinyl film, they are as tough as they are fashionable, yet still easily removable.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • UV Protection i.e.  temperature resistance of -58°F to +230°F.
  • Pressure Sensitive Adhesive.
  • Precision Cut, and accurate color match.
  • Available in 6 colours.
  • Can be removed by peeling it off the edges.

Watch Dots Colors


Each order of WatchDots™ includes 3 sets of your chosen color (1 set consists of a dot for the Digital Crown and a dash for the side button). As a free bonus you will also receive a randomly chosen set of WatchDots™ of a different color. Also included is an easy to follow set of application instructions. Pre order by following this link.

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