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Adidas MiCoach Fit Smart wristband monitors Heart Rate and Fitness

Adidas has announced the new MiCoach Fit Smart which is a new wristband and can monitor the heart rate and also is a fitness tracker. This was announced at the Wearable Technologies USA Conference held in San Francisco. The device collects data like the pace, distance, and stride rate as you run, as well as estimates how much calories you have burned.

Fit Smart can also measure heart rate along with the calories burnt in real time. The LED strip running down the side of the face of the device acts as a sort of effort-o-meter, illuminating blue, green, yellow, or red with the intensity of your workout. The device also has vibrations which tell you when you’ve hit your performance targets without having to look at your wrist.

Adidas miCoach fit

The device will also show the time and looks like a regular watch. There is also the Adidas mobile app which can connect to this device and monitor the tracking results. You can set and track progress toward weekly goals and long-term training plans using the app. The miCoach Train and Run app connects via Bluetooth LE.


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The device can store 10 hours of data and comes with decent battery life.

Price and Availability:

The Fit Smart will begin selling through Adidas’ online and retail stores on August 15 around the world, and would cost €199 in Europe and £199 in the UK. It will then come to the US on August 17 exclusively at Best Buy for $199, and expand to other retailers on September 1.

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