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AiQ Smart Shirt : Where Smartness is Weaved into the Real Clothes

I have always believed in the fact that if a wearable can keep the looks of watch as watch, t-shirt as t-shirt and glass as a glass, it will succeed. Today Google Glass came up with some new design which proved this very fact. And then we cited AIQ Smart Clothing which designs smart clothes right from every day life to Sports but have the same look and comfort of wearing.

AIQ Smart Clothing Inc. combines electronics with textiles. They have solutions to  everyday life, Sports & Fitness, outdoor or home leisure activities. Those who are wondering how it is achieved then here it is:

Combining and processing a number of key components of King’s Metal Fiber Technologies, stainless steel yarns and threads are integrated directly into clothing. This creates fashionable, functional, lightweight, washable and easy to use products. They cane be washed as well. One of their products is wearable sports t-shirts for men and women can track body vitals and sync with your phone. This is very similar to Hexoskin and OMSignal

What went different lately was showcased at Computex 2014. They have put on display a stylish shirt which does this job. This means you don’t have to wear anything on top and you can use it apart from your sports and exercises.

AIQ Smart TShirt

This shirt looks exactly like the clothing we already wear. This is something really cool, However, notice that even though its stylish, one has to use the tracker which can be safely hidden under one of your arms. The shirt has led lights just to make it fit for the party. Here is quick video :

As a matter of fact, Intel did showcased their Electronic T-Shirt with Re-code. This is designed in partnership with AIQ and showcases the advancement in technology they have when it comes to combining the textile with electronics.

That said, its good to see the first convergence of technology with Smart wearable and hope to see it becoming seamless one day. What do you think?

Source  Mobile Geeks and Re-Code

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