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Android Wear Detailed: Here’s How It Works & The Best Features

Today at Google I/O, a lot of new announcements were made for Android Wear. The speakers were wearing the smartwatches from LG, Samsung and Motorola and showcased some new features which gives a good insight of your watch, your phone and how they interact with each together.


How Android Phone and Watch will Interact with each other?

The watches look like regular watches until they are double tapped to wake up and it transforms into digital display with a flick of a second. A long press and the whole interaction gets going. That makes sure of one thing, the watches are always-on or glance on the go. Those looking for a different watch face can do with a simple  press.

Knows you are holding the phone:

When you are holding your phone with your smartwatch on, you don’t need to unlock your phone using a pin or password. The phone knows its you because you should be the one wearing it unless somebody stole both of them together.


If a call or sms gets on your phone, your watch would vibrate so you know you have something that needs your attention. While you can always receive a call, if you can’t for the moment, you can quickly send a text message right from your watch.


Android wear has introduced various form of notifications. You can swipe up and down to navigate between notifications which could be in form of stacks or pages.

Any notification that you dismiss on the watch gets removed from the phone as well. The sync between your phone and watch is immediate.

Location Sense:

Watch knows where your home is and where you work. It’s an extension of what Android can do already on phone and Cortana is doing on Windows Phone.

You can set reminders to pack something when you reach home or call your boss when you reach office.  The watch can also tell you if your commute is going to be a busy depending on what time you leave for home.

Contextual Notifications:

If you are traveling, the watch can send out relevant notifications which could be a reminder for your flight, bus schedule, weather info on the go.

Step Tracking:

If you watch supports it, you will be able to count steps, check out your past performance and also your heart rate.

Control Apps from The Watch:

  • Play music from watch and control. You can skip, next song  or repeat. The watch displays a beautiful album art as the song is playing.
  • Set Alarm from watch using voice.
  • Sync Notes.

That sums up most of the demo and information that was showcased at Google IO. Watches from LG and Samsung will be already available for sale today evening while Moto 360 has few months to go.

Image credits: The Verge

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