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Android Wear Will Become More Independent in Future

While Android Wear is more of an extension of your smartphone than a standalone device but its seems Google Android Wear team cant ignore the need of consumers where they want the watch to do things on its own, specially when its not connected to phone. My personal choice ? Stay connected with cloud!

LG G Watch R on Wrist

In an interview to CNET, Android Engineering Director David Singleton said:

If you’re someone who likes to go for a run, it might be convenient to be able to leave your phone at home. So you can start recording your track with GPS on the watch. You can throw on some music and have a really enjoyable run. And when you come back home, everything will be synced up with the apps running on your phone.

This means, that even though you cannot make calls from the watch, not yet, but you can get few things done like listening to music on the go, connect over Bluetooth headsets, GPS tracking, may be offline maps in future and so on. Once you are back home and connect with your phone, the data will be synced instantly.

That said, Sigleton also shared that Third Party developers will be able to change watch face and in upcoming update which will improve the navigation experience and some of the voice action experience. The navigation experience is kind of broken as you don’t get to see turn by turn direction on the go. 

Source: CNET

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