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Apple’s HealthKit: Athenahealth & Cerner Reportedly Working on Integration

Health is one of the key areas, where most of the tech companies have got involved to make sure, they aren’t left out of competition. Apple announced HealthKit, a service from Apple, which will help users to centralize information about their health. Apple Watch has a strong integration with this service as it can track your heart beat and other health factors.

That said, the service is incomplete, unless companies who are involved into health, come together. As per Reuters, two US companies, Athenahealth & Cerner are working with Apple, building integration with HealthKit. This will enable the health records to go online, and help doctors to monitor patients with chronic conditions and take steps ahead of time.

Apple Healthkit App

Those who aren’t aware, Apple’s HealthKit framework allows users to collect data from supported sensors, and monitors from both iPhone and Watch sensors. This data is finally stored it in central place. Once centralized, it is easy for anybody to access data including doctors. The apps built around this service will  give users access to lab results, appointment information, medication and more.

What is interesting, is that you would see the apps from the companies soon as they are already HealthKit enabled, but due to some bugs, they have been pulled off the store. Apple is working on a fix, and you should see them soon.

Via Reuters

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