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Apple Watch User Guide Now Available for All

Apple has made the user guide for the Apple Watch public for all the consumers who have bought or placed an order for the Apple Watch. The guide gives you in-depth detail of how to make best use of watch and also revealed features which general consumers will get to know either by somebody who discovers it or comes with detailed tips and tricks of Apple Watch.

There are total of 21 sections which includes details right from Getting Started, Time Keeping, Messages to Camera Remote and apps like Weather and Stocks. You also have safety, handling and support details if you get stuck with your watch anywhere.

Apple Watch User Guide

Some of the tips are pretty interesting like you can Press and Hold the crown to launch Safari and double click the side button to launch Apple pay which the company is promoting heavily and has integrated with many stores in US to make it really useful. Interesting to note that the Camera remote app is incredibly useful as it allows you to adjust exposure, tap the key area of the shot in the preview on Apple Watch and then tap the Shutter button.

Check it out here

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