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Artemis is Smart Jewelry for Personal Safety

With acts of violence against women increasing day by day, safety of women is important aspect every government around the world should think of. Now, here is something that could be really useful for women in situations where their life could be under threat- Artemis. Artemis is a idea by a startup Sense6, based in San Francisco. It is a piece of jewelry that sync to a user’s cellphone to alert authorities when the wearer encounters danger.

The device, which can be simply worn by women and syncs via Bluetooth with the phone, sends geolocation alerts to the phones of family members and loved ones at the touch of a button. The device also comes with in-built voice recorders that activate automatically and send the data in real time to the cloud.


So how does it work?

  1. When you wear the jewelry, you need to pair it with your smartphone using Bluetooth.
  2. If you get into trouble, you can activate Artemis in under a second by pressing the button.
  3. The device which is connected to phone immediately tells a security professional where you are and that you need help.
  4. The emergency operator can also hear anything you or an attacker says, and this evidence can be recorded.
  5. You can also text your loved ones with your location, so you have multiple people trying to help you.

The company says that the device will not trigger by accident, you need to hard press it and in case you accidentally press it, the alarm can be cancelled from your smartphone. Artemis can be used in any emergency like rape, kidnapping, assaults, harassment or even in case of accidents.

The device is battery operated and you need to charge your Artemis jewelry once every two weeks. You need to connect the phone with internet for the device to sent the signal in case of emergency. As of now the device is compatible with iPhone and Android devices that support Bluetooth 4.0 and have a data plan.

As of now Artemis works only in the US, but the company intends to expand coverage worldwide in the future. It will work while traveling within the US. You do need to keep your phone charged for emergency communications to be sent.

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