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Atlas : Fitness Tracker which goes beyond “Counting Steps”

Take it or leave it, most of the fitness tracker we have seen, heard and used mostly count steps and speed. They know how much you are walking and based on speed, they know you burned X amount of calories today. So if you are serious runner or casual jogger, it juts works for you.

Now, what if you are swimmer or do some serious push ups in Gym and lift heavy weights to pump your muscles, can these trackers count that? The answer is a disappointing no, and its mostly because the right hardware to calculate that and find the difference between a push up or jump is not there.

Atlas : Puts every other fitness tracker into shame

Atlas is the first tracker to track your body movement into 3D and then find out which of the common exercise you are doing. It can figure out during swimming if you are doing a breaststroke or a  free style. Gym guys would be impressed to know that it can figure out if one is doing a bicep curls or alternating bicep curls, though the tracker is on just one of the hands. Sadly, it can even track if you cheated in that and removes it from the counting.

Atlast Fitness Tracker

The biggest surprise is that if you are doing an exercise which you invented and has a pattern, it can figure that out and learn as you keep doing it. It can even see how the heart pumps when they move a muscle and its live. This opens up Atlas to be used by anybody for anything.

Here is a quick video to help you understand even more:


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Who Needs this and How much does it cost ?

This is one question we always try to answer here. None of the trackers come cheap and you cannot keep on buying it like cell phones because there is no contract that lets you keep changing it.

Priced at USD 179, it’s almost 80% more than what you pay for other trackers, Its recommended only if you are serious trainer. It doesn’t matter if go to a GYM or you train yourself alone, if you aren’t serious, spending 80$ more makes on sense.

Atlas Exercise Finger PrintsHowever, if you are serious about your training and want to see how every exercise helps you, spending 80$ extra, is completely worth. What makes it even worth is when Atlas starts comparing data with people in community and against serious trainers and tells you what you need to do to reach there and go beyond it.

Overall, the product just looks brilliant and we will be waiting for reviews to show up on how it’s doing. Once the data accuracy is out, every other tracker would need to evolve, specially those who want to attract swimmers and gym trainees.

Atlas Project was successfully funded at Indiegogo  and is now taking pre-orders now. You can place your order here

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