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Automatic Partners with Jawbone; Wants you to Walk More than Drive

While those who thought Jawbone is lagging a lot behind Fitbit and Nike’s Fuel, here is a bit of surprise. Jawbone and Automatic has announced a partnership to help drivers know that they haven’t walked much. As a matter of fact, it’s for anybody who uses his car to get to near by store which is few steps away.

Just before we start, Who is Automatic ?
Automatic is your auto assistant and it’s basically a device which fits in your car and learns about your driving style and gives you subtle audio cues when you do things that waste gas due to rough breaking, speeding and so on. While its much more than that, lets leave this here and get on with the discussion.

Jawbone Automatic

So what does one get with the partnership?
Once you have both the devices up and running, I am guessing it will ask you to connect through their API, you would see your driving timeline and walking on the same timeline. Then to tease you, you will also see how much steps you could have taken if you had not been driving, just tap on the drive and it will detail the footsteps and calories you missed.

screenshot1 screenshot2screenshot3

Using the app you will be able to see your walking and driving in same place and can share with other Jawbone Up Users. One thing Jawbone does smart is predict if you are up for driving. It does that by comparing how much time you spent in the car, how much time you had walked and if you are recording your food, it will take that in account as well.

What do we think?

This is a smart move by both the companies. Not only they can make people realize that they should get up and walk but also cross sell their products. These kind of integration will also help people who are into digitization to bring all their data in one place and smartly analyse.

Read more at the official announcement

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