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BitBite : Monitors Your Eating Habit by Hearing When You Eat

When it comes to tracking how much you are working out, and how much you are eating, the later is still difficult to track. I use a couple of third-party services like Fitbit and MyFitnessPal which lets me do manual entry. Now here comes the lazy part, it’s really difficult to enter it manually right after you eat, and by the end of the day, I usually lose track of what I ate. The worst part, unless you are pretty conscious, you will never know if you overeat.

Here is a startup which is trying to answer all these problems with their unique idea, an earplug which tracks how much you are eating by hearing the sound of it. Yes you read that right, sound sci-fi. Its called as BitBite which hooks on your year, hear all the sound you make as you munch, counts how many times you chew something, and if you are over eating.

Bitbite track eating

The device contains a microphone and additional sensors that record and perform initial processing of the incoming sounds. The BitBite smartphone app then analyses the data, sends it over to the cloud, and report essential diet information and feedback to the user. It uses user’s data including the sounds of consumption,  analyzing eating habits, triggering real-time data. Which means, if you are eating too much, you will get a warning. Now lets take a look at the video:

The device is being claimed to last for three days and takes 3 hrs to charge completely. It is also light, and comfortable to ears. It has enough space left for air to flow in your ears, making sure your ear keeps feeling refreshed. The team is also recommending that the users should wear it for most of them time, but if you can remember to remind yourself, keep it somewhere close.

That said, It’s not yet clear on how exactly it works. How does it know what I am eating, when I eat. Do one have to tell the app what I am eating or it finds on its own, which is kind of impossible.  We are looking for these answer because manual composing of what I am eating is no fun.

Bitbite Eating Habbits

You can find the project listed here. Note that it’s a startup and looking for crowd funding. If its get funded the product becomes a reality, and if you support them, you get your product. The risk is always there, so fund it if you really want to.

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