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Chui is the World’s Most Intelligent Doorbell

We have seen quite a lot of innovation in house hold items as well, so how about an intelligent Doorbell? Chui is a new device which is basically a smart camera, but it makes your home socially intelligent. Chui can be used as a doorbell as well as a security and monitoring device inside your house. Chui’s motion detection and live feed capabilities enable you to use it inside your house for monitoring and security purposes.

Chui works via Wi-Fi with web and mobile applications and it is set up and use. After your Chui is installed and the power is turned on it will create an ad-hoc WiFi hotspot, you just need to connect to the hotspot and visit a URL in your browser to continue the setup process.


There are many features of Chui which really makes it intelligent, here are some of them.

1. Receive Real Time Notifications:

Chui can notify you in real time via email and Push Notifications (via the app) that include a timestamp, picture, and name of the person (in case recognized). So in case you are in swimming pool or watching TV and do not want to go to the door, you can still get notifications on the app. Since it has a tracking mechanism, it will also notify you in case some strangers are at home when your kids are alone.

2. Communicate at your Front Door via 2 Way Audio and 1 Way Video:

If anyone is at the door, you can use Chui to communicate to them via the mobile application. You can either talk with a 2 way audio or 1 way video which is pretty handy.

3. Pre-Recorded Identity Based Messages:

You can also set pre-recorded voice messages for people who visit your place regularly. Say for example, if postman is one person who comes to your phone often, you can leave a message for him to keep the parcel at the box. This is done automatically by Chui based on identity.

4. Do not disturb:

If there are people in your locality who disturb you often, you can add them to do no disturb list and the device will not bother to notify you nor ring the bell.

5. Automatically Unlock doors for your friends and family:

This is probably one of the best features of the device. Chui will have integrations with the most popular internet connected door locks (such as Lockitron). So you can grant access to your friends and family members via the web and mobile applications, and Chui will automatically identify them and unlock the door.

6. Automated Triggers:

Chui can be triggered via Motion Detection and Face Detection as well. Whereby the presence of a face or motion will prompt it to take a photo and make deliver a notification. So in case there is someone at the door for wrong reasons, Chui will take a photo and deliver it to you.

Chui door bell

Apart from these features Chui can also read QR codes. You can enable QR Code recognition as a second layer of security. This means along with face recognition, person will require the QR code from a device. Chui will only return a positive match if both your face and the code match the information on record.

Here is a video of Chui.

Chui looks like an awesome concept and it is already funded. Chui is priced at $199 and you can reserve yours which will be delivered in Fall of 2014. More details on Chui is available here.

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