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Cozy is a Nest Approved Third Party App on Windows Phone

Nest Thermostats are the most commonly used smart thing in cold countries, specially in Europe and US. While Nest has been actively rolling out updates for their Andriod and iOS app, we don’t have an official app for Windows Phone community until now. The company has approved one of the third party app for Windows Phone which you can download and use along with your NestStats without any worries. The developer Rohit Rajendran and Nest  worked together to get this app reach the finishing line with all bugs ironed out.

  • View your Nest Thermostat or Nest Protect.
  • Change temperature, HVAC mode, and fan timer on your thermostat.
  • Set away mode on/off – Cortana integration for changing temperature and setting away status.
  • Individually pin live tiles for each of your devices.
  • Toast notifications for Nest Protect warnings and emergencies (Nest API doesn’t support push notifications so it’s not instant)

The app lets you change temperature using Cortana, which means you could be lazy enough and still get the job done. Do make sure to pin the stats to start screen, so you get to see each of your devices without actually opening the app. The app keeps telling you the level of carbon monoxide, if you are very keen on that and with kids around.

The app has been designed beautifully and I am sure you are going to love using the app.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

The app has been rebranded as Cozy from Nestle to meet the requirement of Nest, and gets is APIL limit increase so more users can keep using it.



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