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Create a Panoramic Video with CENTR Camera

We have seen most of the smartphones are now able to take panoramic photos, but how about an interactive panoramic video? This is exactly what CENTR tries to do. CENTR generates 360° HD video in real time on a device that fits in your pocket. CENTR Camera stitches videos together from four independent HD image sensors and creates the final video.

Creating the highest quality panoramic video requires extensive and precise in-camera calibration and the CENTR Camera processes 20 variables with each calibration, ensuring that your panoramic image is the highest possible quality.

CENTR Camera

When you are recording using the CENTR camera, you can use it by inserting it into your thumb so that you are not blocking the view.

Features of CENTR Camera:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Splash-proof enclosure
  • Integrated digital bubble level
  • Tripod and GoProT” mount compatible
  • Real-time 3600 video recording up to 60fps
  • Bluetooth-enabled mobile device controls
  • Up to 4K panoramic video resolution
  • 20MP time-lapse panoramic photos
  • Individual camera selection, for when you don’t want to shoot in 360°
  • Interactive video player with real-time video stitching
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for real-time video preview

The device also comes with a connected app where you can change the camera settings and also view the preview of the video. You can change the resolution and frame rate of the video from the app.


CENTR’s unique dual-use mount makes it easy to leverage the GoPro family of mounts or use any standard tripod mount to take the video which is again a great feature of this camera.

CENTR Camera specs
You can visit their website to see some of the panoramic videos captured using the device. CENTR is looking for funding and is listed on Kickstarter. If you like this concept, you can fund for CENTR which costs around $199. Here is the official video of CENTR.

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