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Custom App Launcher for Android Wear : Wear Mini Launcher

When you want Android Wear powered smartwatch as an extension to your phone, you will probably want it to do lot of interactions with your phone. So here is an example, lets say you get a tweet notification in your inbox. You read it and you want to reply it. So the next obvious thing would be to take out your phone and launch your favourite twitter client and get the job done.

Now how about this. What if you can launch the twitter app right from your watch. So by the time you take out your phone, the app is already launched. Wear Min Launcher is a brand new which lets you launch apps installed on your phone. All you need to do is swipe from top left and it will show you list of apps. Tap and launch.

Mini Wearable App Launcher

Now while I haven’t got a chance to try it, looking at the review left by users at the Google Play Store, its little buggy and has problems with gesture.

  • The¬†gesture is not perfect. Many users who tried to swipe, the watch went into mute mode as it’s around the same corner.
  • The gesture just ends up dismissing, swiping down, or going to the watchface selector.

That means, you better be slow with the app. The Developer might want to create some kind of tap and launch feature or create a hotspot for skipping those accidental swipes. We will keep an eye on it!!!


It’s the first app in this category and its free Download and send back your feedback so the dev can make it better. This should have been inbuilt.

Wear Mini Launcher
Wear Mini Launcher
Developer: Mini Tools
Price: Free+

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