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This Butt Analyzer will Guide you to the Right Sitting Posture

Take or leave it, sitting before your PC and staring all the status updates on Facebook, Twitter or even working for hours without realizing,  is one habit we all need to break. I am sure your doctor already said that and I am just repeating it, but seriously how many times you get up every 20 minutes and stretch ? You don’t, I don’t and your colleague sitting next you do doesn’t know. So what we do we do ? A price less way would be to set up an alarm but if you are lazy for that, you and I need “The Drama”.

What is Drama ?

It’s a butt analyzer but not the way you are thinking right now. They call it “Sitting Wisdom” and it takes on all the HRM and Blood pressure monitors, sarcastically. It can read 4 different kind of activities while you are sitting on it–Heart Rate , Respiration, Stress level and Posture. The later is really crucial because if at the end of the day you have a back pain complain, you need to see if you’re sitting posture is the culprit.

Drama Sitting Wisdom

How does it work?

It uses fiber optic sensor technology to develop a thin but high sensitivity sensor to record the activities from your body’s movement. The team behind it have five years of experience in this and they know what they are doing.

As it records the data and tracks how you are sitting, when it finds you are stressed or sitting for too long, it reminds you to get up. This way you know its time to stretch out. The next important thing it does is get your sitting posture correct. Many a times, we just forget where we are sitting on the chair. Sometimes we are so stressed out that we get on the edge of the chair and we don’t even realize.

Talking about stress, as you use the drama, it knows when you are comfortable and when you stressed out. Mixing data from your BP and heart beat, it may interrupt you to breathe heavily or even do some yoga.

Sitting Postures with DramaWhere can you buy it ?

Already  inspired ? Hold on as the project has been announced but it’s another Kickstarter project where they need fund to get this done. So we will keep you updated as it shows up. Make sure to subscribe with us and stay updated. You may also subscribe to their newsletter

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