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Dropcam Tabs : Know When your Door Opens or Kids come back Home

Dropcam is a popular Wi-Fi video monitoring service┬ácompany which lets you record and view what’s going on at your home, keep an eye on your pets and see if somebody sneaked in your home. Its cloud based which means everything is live and is streamed right on your phone. They are pretty popular service with over 8 million activities getting recorded and over 2.5 years of video data being processed. All this is done with their high quality camera.

That said, while the camera could see and hear but it did not knew if the gate was opened or the window was closed as it happened. It would only know if something gets in the view. Dropcam today have released another hardware, Dropcam Tabs which allows you to keep tab on things which are important for you.

Dropcam Tabs

These are basically motions sensors which can be put on windows, doors or even be give to your kids. Connected over Bluetooth with the camera, if it moves your cam will know and it will alert you instantly even if its not in a direct view of the camera. Each of these tabs can be personalized and tagged with an object and with a bit of training, it know if the door was opened or closed.

Dropcam Tabs Attchments

Here is a quick demo video:


What is interesting is that the company says that there more sensors than just motion sensors in the tabs which aren’t enabled yet. To my best guess, if the tabs have sensors to know huge temperature change, know the difference between forced and normal openings and things like that, it will be huge for people get an early alter about things that could happen.

Priced at 29$, I would say you should go and buy it if you are already using Dropcam. Knowing what gets closed, if your kids are at home and if your valuable object is being away from your location is important. They are available as pre-order here

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