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DrumPants : Literally Play any Instrument from your Pants

Doesn’t matter if you have played a musical instrument but we always played drums over tables, windows and even on our pants just to enjoy some music we love.  What if you can actually play an instrument the same way and beam it to the speakers in a way, that it felt somebody actually playing one. Meet Drumpants and they literally mean their name.

What are Drumpants:

These wearable can detect the tap and the force with which you tap on the pants and then can convert them into signals which when connected with speakers…sound like the real drums. Made up of velocity sensors, you can put then under your pants or inside your shoes, under a t-shirt or shirt and you are all set to play your favorite music anytime anywhere.


Drumpants Config


The image above explains everything. Depending on what instrument you want to play, you will have to tie up these sensors around you. Once done, these will be connected with a control box which supports 4 strips  and 12 triggers.  Once configure you can either connect an external speaker with the control box and play music right there or connect it with the iPad Apps to record and play music.


Drumpants Configuration Details


The first device in the image above is the control box. Right next to it are the triggers, followed by foot pedals fit. All these are connected to control box. You can select over 100+ sounds and scales which means you can change your instrument on demand.

Here is a quick video:

How much does it cost?

Available on Preorder as we write about it,  there are three modules. The basic one costs 99$, DrumPants Pro Kit with six wearable drum triggers PLUS Bluetooth LE wireless functionality for iOS and Android will cost 149$ while DrumPants Neil Peart costs 229$ and it includes  an additional two sensor strips and two foot pedals for a total of 12 drum triggers, Bluetooth4.0 and app support.

What do we think about it?

It’s definitely an innovative idea and if you are fond of music, you may want to spend 99$ to get started  and then upgrade in future. You and your team could become a moving band with nothing to carry but still play 100 instruments right away.

The Apps are key factors here for serious musicians without which the whole idea could have got drummed. If you are a professional instrument player, you can use their apps to record music anytime you feel like. This means if you got a new beat, you can do instant recording and never forget it.

My only concern is if they are comfortable wearing it and moving around. I could not find any details on this including how to set this up. They should be doing a video around this.

Check out Drumpants

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