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Everykey is a Stylish WristBand that Replaces Your Keys and Passwords

With each day our digital lives get entangled with the use of new devices, apps and services – each of which come with their own keys and passwords to ensure security and privacy. Sure, you can use a password manager like Lastpass and 1Password to manage all your usernames and passwords. But here’s something which makes your life much simpler and easier.


Everykey is a smart and stylish wristband which is aiming to replace all your keys and passwords. It’s an innovative universal access device that allows immediate access to a user’s password-protected electronics such as a smartphone, tablet, or computer, as well as physically locked items including doors, car doors, bike locks, and other controlled access devices.

As you might have imagined, Everykey uses Bluetooth to connect to various devices. So whenever Everykey is within range of a user’s device, the wristband will allow the user to bypass that device’s password or physically unlock it automatically, eliminating the need for complicated passwords and cumbersome keys.

We have seen this implementation in several wristbands and smartwatches in recent times, albeit with limited support. Xiaomi’s Mi Band can unlock some Xiaomi smartphones using the same concept. Recently introduced smartband from Lenovo promises to unlock your Lenovo PC similarly. And most notable one is the Apple Watch which can unlock the Apple iPhones and MacBooks using similar technology. But what’s unique about Everykey is that it’s not platform or manufacturer dependent, and can work with many Bluetooth supported devices.

Of course it comes with its own set of limitations. In case you happen to lose the EveryKey, you’re required to call up their customer support or login to their website to disable the band. But within that timeframe, your private and confidential data will be under high risk.

Soon, EveryKey will begin integrating with physical Bluetooth-enabled lock. The company will release an SDK that smart lock companies can use to sync with the wristband. The concept can extend to other smart home automation products like smart bulbs and others. If you are keen to check out some demos of how exactly this will work, check out this dropbox folder for videos.

Everykey could have been yours for as low as $35, but that’s already sold out on Kickstarter, where it’s looking to be crowdfunded. The next best price is $50 (with extra $15 for shipping outside of US). At the time of writing this article, Everykey has already raised $34,000+ out of $100,000 funding it’s seeking.

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