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FES Watch : Lets You Change It’s Design, Thanks to E-ink

Lets forget about smartwatches for a moment. How about a  clock which can change its design, when  you want it. If you would want it to go dark, to match with your clothes, it can do it. Meet FES Watch, its not a watch but it’s an e-ink powered watch which changes between dark and light and up to 24 designs, thanks to it’s e-ink tech.

FES Watch


This watch is built using electronic paper, which is thin, light and bendable. So don’t expect a heavy solid looking watch for sure. That said, the FES Watch’s makers are currently a startup and seeking for funding on Makuake. Once available, the product will cost 19,800 Yen which is approximately $168. While this is not cheap at all, none of the other smartwatches currently have this feature either.

While you can check out the listing here, it rings a bell. What if you can have this e-paper tech at places like shoe laces, or part of your glasses or  on object on your table which can change color as you tap it with a phone. If you see a design, and you want to replicate, it should get as easy as taking a picture.  This definitely has potential. Lets see what future holds.

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