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First Sign—A Personal Security Device

Crime rates have been increasing all over the world and it is estimated that a crime happens every 26 seconds which is kind of alarming situation. The traditional methods of self defence might not be useful in all cases although in some cases it might come handy. Here is a new wearable device for your personal security- First Sign. First Sign Technologies is the first security system designed to protect against violent crimes. By using smart wearable products, your security becomes automatic and discreet.

First Sign security system is a combination of a small clip connected to your phone via Bluetooth. The clip detects emergencies with an accelerometer and gyroscope while evidence is collected with a microphone.


As you can see from the image, it comes in different designs. Ladies can use it as a hair clip and gents can use the clip on their shirt or in pocket.

Here is an infographic on how this device works.


Advantage of using First Sign:

  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Quicker response times
  • Direct emergency contact numbers for the user’s location
  • Evidence collection and storage for prosecution in the cloud
  • Monitors screen false alarms so emergency contacts are not unnecessarily burdened
  • Reports by emergency contacts are taken more seriously

The device will connect to your phone which is paired and sends out signals in case of emergencies. It will include your location, will access camera and also calls to notify others.

You can pre-order this device now for $50 which includes the smart clip. If you want to have the monitoring, you need to pay $75, which includes 1 full year of monitoring at a great discount. Monitoring includes real-time event analysis, emergency contacts alerted only when not a false alarm, direct first responder phone numbers provided to your contacts, and cloud storage for evidence collection during alarm. Mobile application included with a digital panic button and timer with check-in to activate the alarm.

More details available here.

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