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Fitbit Charge Unboxing and First Impressions

Fitbit launched three new trackers, Charge, Charge HR and Surge, the later being a string competition to the existing smart watches. We have the Fitbit Charge to start with, and before we get the final review out, lets begin with the Unboxing and First Impression.

Unboxing Video:

I have been using the Fitbit Flex from last 6 months, and this is a huge upgrade. Not only you get a display which can tell time, but you don’t rely on your phone any more for looking at live stats. You can see your Step count, Stair Walks, Calorie burnt and distance walked with a  push of a button on a tiny display. The strap is lot wider, designed well and looks good compared to flex. If you always kept hiding it because it really looked cheap, which it did, Charge is here to impress.

Fitbit Charge Unboxing (2)

The second thing to  like about Fitbit Charge is the way you charge it up. No more taking out the tracker, and putting it into a charging cradle. Instead, now you have a longer charger, which hooks into the Charger. You should be able to use a wall charger, but the connivence of  USB charging is till not there. You will be able to watch the charge amount on the display.

Fitbit Charge Unboxing (11)

The package comes with the tracker, a charger and dongle which you can connect with PC or Macbook to sync. If your phone supports Bluetooth 4.0, you should be able to sync.


Where to Buy?

The product is listed here, if you plan to buy right away, else you can always wait for the complete review.

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