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Fitbit Products Price Revealed for India; Listed on Amazon for Purchase

I was totally surprised today morning when I came to knew that Fitbit Products are already listed on Amazon. As per the news, yesterday, it was supposed to go live on July 1st. Not only listed, you can even buy them right away. Here is the list of products and its price:

  • Fitbit Flex – Rs 6,999
  • Fitbit Charge — Rs 9,999 | Our Review
  • Fitbit Charge HR — Rs 12,999
  • Fitbit Surge — Rs 19,999 | Our Review
  • Fitbit One — Rs 6,999
  • Fitbit Zip —  Rs 3,999
  • Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale — Rs 9,999

If you wish to buy, follow the link to Fitbit’s Exclusive Page on Amazon


Amazon Exclsuive Fitbit

So what we do think of the pricing. Products like Flex, Zip and One are costly. There are two reasons for this. First, these are regular step trackers, and with Mi Band in India, competition is stiff because it only costs Rs 999. Second, India is still on a lower scale when it comes to wearables. Anything costly will not work instantly.

Products like Fitbit Charge, Charge HR have no competition in India right now. They are only for serious fitness trainers and there will be handful who will buy them.  Surge on other side is very expensive.

Lastly, Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, which is a combination of BMI and Weight machine, will take even longer time. The problem is similar to Flex.

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