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Fitbit Retiring Manual Logging for Few Features

Fitbit recently launched their Windows 10 App which delivers the universal app experience, and now we have received that some of the features will be stripped off from Fitbit itself.  Important to note that only manual logging of these features are being dropped.


Fitbit Manual Logging

The list is as below:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Custom Trackers
  • Body Measurements
  • Heart Rate
  • Journal
  • Glucose

Manual entry of these features was also available through the app, and we expect an update after 27th August to make it inline. You will be able to export out the data from Fitbit Dashboard i.e. online account.  It seems not many have been using this feature, and tracker is the only way most of the data is getting logged and hence the decision.  When asked on more details about the data export tool, the moderator at Fitbit forum replied with the below mentioned answer:

The Data Export tool is indeed meant to only export 30 days at a time. I apologize for the mixed messages surrounding this, and will do my best to update other relevant threads. This was a change a few months back, based on ever-increasing stress for our servers to accommodate these requests. As our user base grows and their data history becomes longer, it’s increasingly difficult to serve long periods of data at once. As such, you will need to export data in 30-day blocks. I also recognize that the tool’s interface doesn’t make this clear, and have asked our team to look at improving this with the new functionality in mind.

The body measurement data is not included in the data export. I have updated my earlier post to correct this, and apologize for the misinformation. Our team is looking into the possibility of including this data in the export – however, given the short timeframe before the page’s retirement, I’d recommend that you manually record any data that is important to you. I know this is far from ideal, and apologize for the inconvenience it might involve.

Blood Pressure, Glucose were few important feature which I feel sad being left off, but it’s quite possible that Fitbit might be working on some new hardware to bring them back. Only time can tell that.

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