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Fitbit Rolls Out Smart Track & Pure Pulse for Charge HR and Fitbit Surge

When it comes to Fitness tracking, Fitbit is well know player, and trusted for its accuracy, and quality of bands they make. One thing that has neve impressed me about Fitbit, which I realised recently, is their App. While it does track things nicely, sync back and forth without a problem, there is no way to motivate and tell what to do next. Jawbone just rocks in this case.

Looks like Fitbit is realising this, and they have taken their first step towards it. The company has rolled out two new features for Charge HR and Fitbit Surge–Smart Track & Pure Pulse–which should give a refresh to the existing customers.

Smart Track:

This new feature can now automatically detect your workouts. This is useful when you went for a walk, and you forgot to turn on the manual tracking mode. The tracker will not only identify, it will also record it in the Fitbit App. The only obvious condition is that there should be a continuous movement like walking, running, etc.

Fitbit Smart Coach

To make it even smarter, Fitbit lets you choose which activities needs to be recognised as workouts. You can set a minimum walk time of 30 minutes to be recorded as workout, if 15 minutes walking is a casual thing you do everyday.


Pure Pulse:

This technology is used for hear rate calculation and analysis. An update to this feature can now show how much time your hear was in peak, cardio and burn mode separately.


Exercise Goals:

Using this feature, you can see your daily progress towards your exercise goal. While you can change the goal as per your need, the default is set to five days with at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity activity.

Exercise Goals Fitbit

  • From the Fitbit app dashboard, tap the Exercise tile. This is the tile that says “Track exercise” or if you already tracked an exercise, shows the exercise type and information.
  • Tap the gear icon at the bottom and tap your weekly exercise goal to change it.

via Fitbit Blog

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