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Fitbit Surge Tips and Tricks

We recently reviewed Fitbit Surge, and after using it a lot here are some tips and tricks from my personal experience.  Most of the things can be only changed using the app on your phone so make sure you have it paired to sync back the changes.

Change Watch Face :

This is something most of you would like to do, but unlike Android Watches you cannot do it from your watch directly. You will need to use the app for it.

  • Open the App and select devices.  Select Surge from the list.
  • Now scroll down to Clock Display and select the one you like. You have Flare, Orbit, Digital and Analog.
  • Then sync your surge to reflect the selection.

Change Watch Face of Surge

Get Faster GPS Lock:

Surge doesn’t have the fastest GPS on board. This gets annoying when you are about to start your walk or run and you need to wait. To get it working better, switch to walk or run modem and then stick your watch out of Window or an open area where signals reach faster. Once it vibrates once, you have the signal and then you can get down.

Change Exercise List:

Surge allows to have only 7 exercise mode with the default and fixed RUN mode. To change it you need to use the app again and sync.

  • Open the App and select devices.  Select Surge from the list.
  • Now scroll down to Exercise Shortcuts. Here you can long press to rearrange or delete it. Remove what you don’t need.
  • Next scroll a little and find “More exercises”.
  • Select one you want to add and rearrange.
  • Sync back.

Fitbit Surge Review Exercises

Control your Music:

This can be controlled from your watch, obviously. Make sure your watch and phone are connected. Now play music on your phone and double press the button on the left of watch. You should see the now playing media info. If you want to skip a music, tap the action button and it should do the magic.

Disclaimer: This still doesn’t work properly on all the phones.

Enable Call and Text Notification:

  • Open the App and select devices.  Select Surge from the list.
  • The fourth option from top should be call and text notification. Select and sync back.

Call Text Notifications Surge


If you are planning to keep the watch away for a while, you can turn off the watch by following the below steps:

  • Tap the button on the left.
  • Swipe to go to settings. Tap to open
  • Scroll to find the shutdown option. Hit action button i.e. bottom button on right.
  • To restart the watch, hit the action button.

Save Battery:

  • Settings > Turn Off Heart Rate Monitor.
  • Settings > Turn of Bluetooth to disable constant sync.
  • Settings > Turn off Backlight.

All above tips to be used only if you are running low on battery else keep them on for best experience.

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