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Gartner Claims Android Wear Smartwatches Will Cost $30 by 2015

It’s hard to believe, but Gartner claim that Smartwatches price will drop drastically by next year when more players, specially, when Chinese OEM get into mass production. Interesting to note, the watches will be powered by Android wear, and bundle decent designs and sensor.

System Update for Android Wear

As of now, the Android Wear smartwatches are priced as heavy as $300+, and they come with pathetic battery life. Android wear itself is limited on functionality. The design of the watches aren’t impressive either. One of the primary reasons why we don’t recommend it to consumers.

Mr Zimmermann say :

“We are currently seeing two opposing trends in the market with regards to form factor evolution. On the one hand there are vendors offering smart wrist-wearables in a familiar watch-like form factor on the other hand in the past six to nine months, we have seen vendors launching products that resemble the early fitness wristbands, but come with displays that add significant functionality, including message and call alerts. These cross-over products are generally marketed as fitness devices, but with the strong slant toward the communication aspect.”

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Those who aren’t aware on the pricing, here is the list:

By 2015, we should see Android Wear getting a lot matured, which will attract more smartphone makers to invest into it and come up with good-looking watches, and take it to mainstream. As Gartner claims, and probably they are right, mass production can only get the prices down.

Source Gartner

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