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GE’s Link Connected LED Bulbs can be Controlled from App

Home automation is one area where lot of big companies are betting on along with start ups. We have already covered some of the smart doorbells which makes your home more safe. We also have rumors on Samsung looking to buy home automation start up. Apple is also working on its Smart Home Platform. Few months back we covered the smart bulbs released by Samsung. Now we have connected LED bulbs from GE which can be controlled via Wink App.

These LED bulbs are called Link and are affordable connected LED bulb that lets consumers remotely control their home lighting from anywhere in the world and sync with other connected devices.

Link LED bulb

The bulb, which starts at just under $15, contains a chip that can wirelessly connect to the Internet and communicate with users via a mobile app called Wink. The new Link light bulb will let owners turn lights on and off when they are at work or on vacation, or just customize a room’s lighting from the couch. It can also be used to subtly ease users through sleep and wake up transitions.

Link provides the same energy-efficiency and long life that GE’s LED bulbs are known for, using 80 percent less energy than traditional bulbs. There are three types of the Link bulb: a 60-watt LED bulb for table and floor lamps, an indoor LED floodlight, and a combination indoor and outdoor spotlight LED. You can buy these bulbs from Home Depot. Here are the specifications of these bulbs.

  • 60-watt replacement soft white (2700K) LED bulb, or A19 shape, commonly used for general lighting in table and floor lamps.
  • Indoor soft white (2700K) floodlight LED, or BR30 shape, installed as downlighting found in dining room, living room or other entertainment spaces.
  • Indoor/outdoor-rated bright white (3000K) spotlight LED, or PAR 38, used for outdoor security or spotlight

The smart home market is already taking off with sales in lights, thermostats and video cameras and they are expected to more than double by 2018, reaching 25 million units worth $3.5 billion, according to research firms.

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