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Glance is a smart accessory for your watch

Don’t own a smartwatch? Not to worry, you can now convert your existing watch into smart with this accessory for your watch. Glance is the first smart accessory to turn your existing watch into a smart watch. Glance is a smart accessory that tells you who is calling, helps you find your phone, enables motion control and activity tracking. By attaching it to your existing watch and then connecting to your phone via Bluetooth it can get notifications.

This wearable device comes with an OLED Screen and has Bluetooth 4.0 which connects to your iOS or Android device. In case you are not using watch, you can still wear it with the premium leather band.


The device also has 3D sensors and you can even control your PC using this. The device is water resistant and comes with Lithium polymer battery, 1-week battery life. Glance can get notifications from your phone, act as a mouse for your computer with motion tracking and also features activity tracking.

What can Glance do for you?

Keep your phone in your pocket:

  • See who is calling, never miss a call again
  • Read incoming messages with speed; through the power of Spritz
  • Respond to messages quickly by the press of a button e.g. I’m driving now, will call you back shortly

Save time:

  • Find your phone by pressing a button
  • Filter unwanted calls quickly, and add to SPAM list

Control your Smart TV or Computer:

  • Use as an air mouse for your computer e.g. click to advance slides
  • Use as a controller for your smart TV e.g. pause, play media

Track activity:

  • Count your activity levels (walking, sitting, standing)
  • Use alerts to encourage a healthy lifestyle

Maintain your personal style with comfort:

  • Works on your existing watch band or with premium leather strap
  • Unique design in three sizes sits comfortably on your wrist

Here is a video on Glance.

If you liked Glance, you can support them on Kickstarter. You can get more details from here.

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