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Google Glass gets Backup All and Smart Call Answering

The more I dig about Google Glass, more surprise I get about it. Today, Google Glass updated about three new features being rolled out which should have been there since the start. Well, cannot blame it as it’s still in beta.

Google Glass Backup All

Backup All:

All the photos are videos are backed up automatically over WiFi. However if you choose to, you can upload over mobile data in case of emergency. Use the Auto Backup card in Settings and tap to start a backup. 

Delete Photos and Videos from Timeline:

If you feel that videos and photos posted from Google Glass is not really worth posting on Google Plus, you have nuke option if you have already done it once and remove it. Once the backup process is complete, you can use the “Clear” option. This will also free up space from your storage space.

Answering a Call–Smartly

Obviously this feature was already there, what has changed is that if don’t have the Glass on, audio used is your phones audio instead of glass and vice-versa. Another change that was made is that if phone calls will not route through glass if you are not wearing one.

The last update is huge and important than backup. So for example if you have a Bluetooth headset connected and you take it off, the call still goes to  the headset but then your phone rings. However, in glass, it seems to be not following the same pattern and hence the solution was introduced.

Looking at the official announcement post, it seems there are tons of features that is being expected from Google Glass and its rolling out. Google is doing it literally based on users demand this time.So as you read our posts on the glass, don’t get surprised about it but rather see it from an angle of evolution.

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