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Google Glass to Support SMS for iPhone; Introduces Calendar Glassware

Google Glass, the most expensive wearable till date, has made its first move to other platforms. The obvious move is towards Apple’s iPhone which dominates a huge market in US. The latest API now supports SMS for iPhone over Bluetooth. Once connected, the SMS will start appearing on your glass as notification. However this comes with a drawback that you wont be able to reply back due the restrictions on the iOS platform.

While one way to look at this is that you wont be missing them if you miss the buzz in crowded area and who knows Apple might just open up for this feature if they work with Google.

The second update is for Android Wear Calendar section, also know as the Calendar Glassware. It will let you see your agenda to the left of the home screen. One tap on the calendar card and you can reschedule or change the details in calendar like Title, location, time and RSVP. It will be also possible to delete the event or just remove it from your timeline.

Google Glass Calendar

Those who are new to Google Glass, mind it that there is an existing Calendar integration but that agenda card is from the Google Now glassware. It only displays it and gives you directions when there’s an address associated with the meeting. The new glassware now lets you edit and even delete. Also, there is no support for multiple calendars from different account as glass is tied up to just one account.

These updates, specially the calendar which got excited on the +Google Glass timeline, is going to be rolled out in coming weeks. So don’t just start swapping on your glass. Also looking at the expressions on the official post, looks like people are pretty excited about the new Calendar Glassware and some even received it. So if you are already swiping across, I won’t blame you.


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