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Time to Make Wearables Beautiful–Griffin Announces Accessories

One of the disappointing thing about fitness trackers is not all are beautiful. As an example, I hate the way my Fitbit Flex looks. It’s all plastic, rough and there is nothing that can draw an eye towards it except when I look at it and tap.

Girffin, an US based accessory company, has launched accessories for these kind of wearable to make it look beautiful and match it with your wearing style. I am sure you would draw some attention with this. If we are not wrong, it’s the second company to take a step forward for wearables after Amazon.

As a start, Griffin has launched its product for Fitbit, Sony, Misfit, Nike+ and UP, as listed on their product page.

  • Ribbion Wristband
  • Shoe Pouch
  • Sleep Sport Band
  • Caps

While the first three of the wristband allow you to take our the tracker from the bands and place it in them. Then you can wear them right away as you do. The Shoe pouch is an interesting one as it gets on your shoe and nobody realizes anything. It will be interesting to see how good they hold on to shoes and not get lost.

Griffin Shoe Puch for Fitness Tracker

Accessory for your Accessories….are you excited?

That said, is Griffin taking its chances in an unexplored market? We know there is a huge market for wearable technology and with most of them looking cheap, probably they are right.  Similar to Smartphone Accessories, once wearable go main stream, we should see more companies coming with different idea and still keep it beautiful.

Ribbion Wrist Band

How much do they cost ?

All these accessories are priced between 15 to 20 USD which is decent and they can be delivered to you in 4 to 6 weeks. I am sure this will appeal to most of the users because to really buy a beautiful product, one will have to spend more than what he will spend on accessories. Not only he can hide it from plain view but these will make them look attractive and fashionable.

Source Griffin Press Release

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