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A Smart Toothbrush to Help your Kids Learn “Brushing”

When it comes to making your Kids brush, it’s probably the toughest part of parenting. If you ask me why, then here is the answer: “It’s Boring”, even to me, forget about young kids who just started exploring the world.  While we learn to do it because we cannot just grow back our teeth and we mostly force our Kids to do it so they grow the habit, here is one startup which is trying to change it.

Grush Toothbrush for Kids

Meet Grush, a smart toothbrush, which makes it easy for your kids to visualize brushing by looking at something they start using it from their childhood–The SmartPhone–and its fun for them.  Here is a quick demo, followed by more details.


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How does Grush work ?

Built using motion sensors, Grush is a thick toothbrush which sends out data to your phone. The motion sensors know how exactly the toothbrush is being held and can simulate that in the game. These data are then used inside a game to exactly position the brush as if it was over a tooth.

How does it communicate with Kids ?

As most of the kids are hooked on to gaming on phones, Grush uses the same factor to get kids on to brushing. There are a couple of games like Monster Chase, Toothy Orchestra, Brush-a-pet and so on where Kids need to get a task done. This could be either removing the monster stuck on the teeth or clean their favorite animal while brushing.

Grush Gaming

How is the Data useful ?

This cloud enabled toothbrush can send the data on to the phone and to its cloud service. This makes it easy accessible for parents and doctors to figure out how the kids are brushing. You can have your kids profile for every game and you will know who is not brushing well.

If you are wondering how the brush knows about it, then it’s not the brush but the games. As the kids play game and make scores, it figures of out if they were doing it right or wrong. You will know about it right from the mobile app and also send to your dentist if required.

Grush Kids Score

Is it Safe ?

This is probably the second question that will come to your mind after all this excitement of “Now I can make my kid brush”. The first thing to know that nothing is going inside your kid’s mouth except for the brush head. So don’t expect a silly thing like short circuit happening anywhere. Plus they claim that all the components used in the brush are “matured” which also means that they are not experimenting with something new. So we hope the same. However, if you aren’t convinced, I’d advise to have a word with these guys to get your doubts cleared if you are planning to get one.

Where to Order ?

It’s a startup and they are looking for funding. Their project right now is hosted at Indiegogo. If you’re interested, you can book one of these at a very low price–30 USD–which includes one Grush Brush, 2 brushing heads, an unlimited subscription to Grush Cloud Games and access to the cloud data.

Here is another point. This project will be delivered only next year by March 2015. It’s a long waiting period and if you are looking it for your kids, make sure to check if they will learn it by then or will they be ready for this.

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