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Meet Fitbit Blaze, the New $200 Fitness Smartwatch

FitBit has earned its ranks when it comes to wearables thanks to its intuitive approach towards fitness and the ability to challenge friends. The company has now pulled the wraps from its latest smartwatch, the FitBit Blaze. The FitBit Blaze doesn’t look anything like a fitness tracker and instead it ...

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Jawbone UP 3 Review

Jawbone as a company builds products around consumer technology and wearable devices. They are one of the companies known to have invested heavily in Fitness tracking, and uses software platforms powered by data science.  I tried one of their products, UP3, which is an advanced fitness tracker for anyone who wants ...

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Misfit’s Speedo Shine Costs $79.99 & is up for Sale

Misfit Announced Fitness tracker for Swimmers–Speedo Shine–a couple of days ago, and the product is now up for sale. Its priced at $79. While the product looks exactly like Shine ($69.99), it comes with proprietary lap counting algorithms embedded in the device’s firmware track a swimmer’s lap count with industry-leading accuracy, as validated ...

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YUFit Review

When it comes to affordable Fitness trackers in India, you can count them with your fingers. YUFit is one them. It’s the cheapest fitness tracker, priced for Rs 999, which comes with a display, counts steps, calories burnt, knocks you when you are sitting too idle, along with integration with ...

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