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Pavlok is a Stunning Habit Forming Wearable

We have seen different types of wearables related to health and fitness, but most of them deliver the same idea of tracking your steps and monitoring your health. But here is a new wearable that gives you a electric shock whenever you ignore a reminder or alert that you set ...

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Nike Rolls out It’s Fuel Band App for Android

After bit of taking steps back and forth, Sports wear company, Nike has released its app for its Fitness Tracker–Fuel Band–on Android platform making it possible to view your progress on the go. This will work with Nike+ FuelBand SE and a device running Android 4.3 or above. Recently Nike opened ...

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Acer Announces Liquid Leap Fitness Band

Fitness bands are now getting extremely popular and most of the mobile phone manufacturers are getting into wearables. We saw Samsung announce SimBand for health and fitness. Now, Acer has announced a new fitness band called Liquid Leap and this device will ship as a package deal with the high-end Liquid ...

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Fitbit Force refresh coming later this year

Fitbit Force was announced by the company in October 2013 and it was an advanced tracker. The Force tracks a number of statistics in real-time, including steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, stairs climbed and active minutes throughout the day. At night, the Force tracks sleep and can wake a ...

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