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HealthYU : A Portable Medical Assistant to Track BP, ECG, SPO2 & Other Vitals

Along with the YuFit band, YU also announced a medical assistant device which can be used as one stop diagnostic device without needing any special skill to figure out Blood Press, ECG rate and others vitals like that. Named as HealthYU, it looks like a cassette, but fits right on the rear of the phone passing on all the information to the app and its online service. This helps you to monitor or even share the health data with you doctor during your visit.


What does it track ?

The smart solution provides a stat check on the four vital body signs including ECG, heart rate, blood pressure,  respiration rate, body temperature and blood oxygen saturation level(SPO2).

App Based Solution which acts as Personalized Healthcare

The device connects with HEALTHYU app through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Only Available for YU devices, the app after successful installation, will pair with HEALTHYU sensor device to determine the ideal range of body vitals for the users based on their personal information such as gender, age, weight and height.

To get all this done, it takes only 30 seconds which could come very handy if you are into some trauma, and need some medical assistant. After the recording duration ends, one can see the Reading Card, which shows the measured values corresponding to each body vital and share it with doctors / friends/peers at just the click of a button.


Key features of HEALTHYU

  • Multiple Users: HEALTHYU supports multi-user access for up to four users per device.
  • Secure data: Securing the readings is as easy as a swipe! All that is required is to secure the HEALTHYU account and lock the dashboard by swiping “Security Lock” to toggle the dashboard security lock ON/OFF
  • Configure Alerts: Never compromise on your health by setting personalized reminders to take readings
  • Personalized Dashboard: Comes with a personalized dashboard with compelling features like
  • Timeline: Displays dates of the current month, sequentially along a line making it easier to compare the  readings over the time
  • Reading Card: One reading card holds the details of a single reading. Reading cards corresponding to the date selected in the timeline, will be visible at the bottom of the screen
  • Share Readings: Boasting about your healthy heart or inquiring about fluctuating body temperatures is just a tap away! One can share up to 20 reading cards via email
  • Settings: Personalize your dashboard through a range of options to set a reminder, edit your profile, apply a security lock, register email addresses to share reports and more



Price and Avaiability:

The device is priced at Rs 4,999 and will be available for sale from next month on Amazon.

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