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Here’s how Android Wear Notifications will Look

Not much has been said or revealed about the upcoming Android Wear platform from Google, except that we see it in action when Motorola and LG launch their smartwatches. Luckily, we get a glimpse of how it looks and works, thanks to a Google+ post from a senior Google developer.

In a detailed post, Timothy Jordan highlighted how notifications will be handled on Android Wear. Just by adding a few lines of code, any app that serves notifications on your Android smartphone or tablet can be extended to show notifications on a wearable device running Android Wear with minimal effort.



Instead of bland notifications we have seen on most smartwatches, Android Wear notifications are identified by the app icon, which is featured in the top right corner. The notifications will take up the lower half of the screen, and you can swipe through them from right-to-left to view longer notifications over multiple screens.

Jordan also shows off the music controls on Android Wear with an example of StarShipSofa science fiction podcast, where we can see the big blue buttons for Next and Previous. Obviously these are just examples, and developers will be free to customise the look and feel as they wish.

If you’re interested in knowing how these notifications can be enabled, check out the video below:

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