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How to Setup Android Wear With Your Android Phone

Right after the unboxing the LG G watch, we started setting it up with the phone and it was pretty easy. This is something to appreciate about Android Wear that instead of having complex setup, the whole process was rather simple. It took around 20 minutes for the first setup, may vary depending your Internet speed, and second (repeat) setup was only for 5 minutes. We have the video below and step-by-step instructions right after that.

Basic Steps to setup Android Wear

How to Turn ON the Watch.

Unlike Smartphone, the Android Wear powered watches don’t have buttons. At least both Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch don’t have one. So when you take out the watch, it’s kind of confusing. You can either do a double tap to wake it up and it should work if there is a bit of battery left. If it doesnt, then you need to charge your watch first. This will start it up.

The First Boot:

The watch is powered by an OS, Android Wear, which boots up as soon as there is enough charge. You will see a boot up process with Google Colors moving around like  and when its done, the first thing it will ask is for language. Android Wear supports  Deutsch, English ( UK and US), Espanol, French, Italiano, Portuguese, Pyccknn and Chinese, as of now. Next, it will ask you to install the Android Wear app on your phone.

Install Android Wear on your Phone

Important to note here that your watch will have unique ID which will help you identify when you want to connect with your phone. The watch has Bluetooth 4.0 which connects with your phone’s Bluetooth to set itself up for the first time and keep working with the watch as you use it.

Installing Android Wear App on Phone :

Visit the Google Play Store and search for Android Wear. The app is with an icon of blue-white watch. As you launch the app, you would see a get started screen which will find the smartwatch and pair with it like any other Bluetooth device. More details after the initial setup.

Andoid Wear App on Phone

Initial Setup:

There is visual treat when using this as everything is happening on your phone. The watch connects and starts downloading couple of apps using the phone’s internet connection. So all you would see on the watch is a green circle going around downloading apps. Once this completes, your watch is ready.

Android Wear Initial Setup

Good thing is that, it doesn’t end here. The next step is experience a demo which helps you learn the basic navigation of the Android Wear.

  • Swipe Up to See a Notification also called as Cards
  • Swipe Right to Remove it.
  • Swipe left to see more details about the notification and any action that can be performed.
  • Swipe left can also dismiss an app.

Android Wear All Set

Android Wear App Details, On your Phone:

Now lets take a look at the Android Wear App on the phone.  The app pulls in the detail of the watch. So, when I connected Lg G Watch, I get to see the image of the G Watch.

So in the app, on top left, you have the connection status, option to manually connect and disconnect the watch, settings and a menu bar which allows gives you access to connect with a new wearable and check the demo again.

Android Wear App

In the app, you can see what your watch is capable of doing but nothing can be initiated from the phone. You can also see list of apps installed on your watch and option to browse more.

There are couple of settings that can be changed in the watch via the app. Tap on the settings icon which is on top right. You can

  • Mute App Notifications
  • Toggle Screen always on
  • Silence connected phone
  • Toggle Calendar Event Notification.
  • Ry-sync Apps.

They are pretty self explanatory, but we will get into details in the walk through and tips.

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