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How to Unlock Your Mac using Apple Watch

If you been a long time user of Mac, I am sure you know about MacID. Its an app which lock and unlocks your Mac from your iPhone using passcode or Touch ID. The same app is now available for Apple Watch, letting you unlock your Macbook with a simple tap. The app also allows you to see whats playing on iTunes or Spotty and start a screensaver if you are a big fan of that feature.


  • Use Glance to access its functionality just by swiping¬†up on the¬†watch face.
  • The glance provides you quick look at how many Macs you have connected with. So you know Office and Home Macs.
  • Send whats on your clipboard by a long press on a Mac you are connected.
  • Support for Dynamic Type and more VoiceOver support.

This is one of those apps which will keep the user base stick to the platform, and lets consumers keep using the wathc. This remind of what Microsoft is planning now with their One Platform solution. The app costs $3.99 and cab be downloaded from here

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