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iFixit Teardown of LG G Watch & Samsung Gear Live

Popular Tear Down site, iFixit, has managed to tear down both LG G Watch and Samsung Gear Live watches to find out how easy it is to repair them. Good news is that they are pretty easy to fix it if you ever plan to get your hands dirty with them.

LG G Watch ( 9 of 10)

LG G Watch Battery

  • T5 screws are used in the rear. 
  • Reset button along with charging ports are also in the rear.
  • You will have to get used to place the watch over the charging pad. It’s not place and go types.
  • A small rubber gasket runs around the perimeter of the LG G making it dust proof and water proof for 30 minutes under 1 Mt of water.
  • Houses 512 MB DRAM and 6-axis accelerometer + gyroscope

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Samsung Gear Live ( 8 of 10)

  • Wrist bands are easy to take off.
  • T5 screws in the rear.
  • A Bluetooth / Wi-Fi antenna found underneath. This could get enabled in future, the WiFi.
  • Holds 9-axis Gyro + Accelerometer + Compass

Samsung Gear Live Watch Teardown

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That said, its good to see that it is not complicated and if at all your watch creates an issue, service should not take longer. What do you think of this ? Are the watch internal looking cool ? Which One did you buy if you have already placed an order. Do share with us on comments.

Note : We don’t recommend you doing it at all and we hold no responsibility if you damage your watch doing this. And if you plan to do, make sure to have the right tool to open it. The list of tools used in the tear down is already available on the links above.

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