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iTime Patent Tells What Features Apple’s Smartwatch May Carry With It

In a Patent filed by Apple in 2011, details about their rumored iWatch, or as Apple prefer to say it, iTime, is pointing towards lot of things we may get to see in upcoming announcement by Apple on September 9th.

  • Two Components :  A Watch Module and Wristband which is full of sensors.
  • Its Modular : Letting you change sensors as you move from one environment to another. So may be you can add extra sensors, additional batteries, A GPS and so on.
  • Connects with your phone or any docks via Bluetooth.  This means third-party developed docks are coming.

That said, Apps is playing a long-term game than a short one. Having a Watch in hand which can connect to anything and let one experience is interesting. So if you are wearing a golf, a glove can connect with your iTime and keep track of every move you make and lets you see all that via an App. The glove can come with an accelerometer and all it needs is hook itself to one of the slots on the band.

Apple Smartwatch iTime

It can be even extended in the medical system where a sensor can be placed on the watch, the patient and doctor both can see it when they want and things can go wireless. IMO there is also a possibility that Third Part Wristbands might also show up which may let you slide in your time module and work a little differently.

The next thing that hits the mind is fashion. being moduler, fashion designers may be able to support iTime and let users slide in their iTime into one of the fashion jewelries.

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