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KidFit Wristband is a Fitness Tracker for Kids

We have seen different types of fitness tracker wearables and here is a new one which is dedicated for kids. Lifestyle tech company X-Doria has come up with the new KidFit Wristband which keeps track of kids’ physical activity. The band is similar to the old slap bracelet which was popular long back. The company is looking to capitalize on the wearables trend by launching this kids wearable.

KidFit is a wireless activity and sleep tracker for ages 5-13 that encourages and motivates kids to play hard and get enough rest. The device comes with Bluetooth LE Connectivity and can be paired with your smartphone to get the stats.

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It also comes with an Android and iOS which can sync the details from the device into the app. Parents and even kids can set daily goals and they get points for completing the goals and the app also encourages kids to use it and play more. The device does not count the calories burnt just like the normal activity trackers instead checks how much physical activity your kids have and also the amount of sleep they get.


The device can be recharged via USB cable and has IPX3 rated splash proof design. Here is a video of KidFit.

The wristband comes in four colors black, pink, blue and yellow and is available for pre-order at a discounted rate of $39.99 until Aug. 15. The actual cost of the device after this period is $49.99 and this discount will be available only for first 1000 orders.

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