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Kreyos releases iPhone and Android Apps

Kreyos Meteor smartwatch was first announced back in 2013 and it was crowd funded with huge response. But later the company ran into production issues and the smartwatch was delayed for months. Finally the watches for the backers have now started shipping. In the meantime, the company has released the companion apps for iPhone and Android and is now available in respective app stores.


The Kreyos Meteor app connects to allows you to pair with your Kreyos Meteor smartwatch with your smartphone (currently for Android and iOS with Windows Phone support coming soon) via Bluetooth, configure it and sync your activity and sports mode data with the Kreyos web application. The Kreyos Meteor companion app also allows you to view a detailed history of your daily activity stats, sports mode data and allow you to set activity goals.


Features of the app include:

  • Sports Mode for walking, running and cycling
  • Statistics on speed, time, distance and calories burned
  • Shows the route you’ve cycled, walked or ran
  • Daily Target allows you to set goals for your daily activities
  • Various feature settings for the Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch

If you liked the watch, you can now pre-order it from their site.

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