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Kreyos Smartwatch is going Open Source with their Software

Kreyos Meteor Smartwatch was a project which came up on crowd funding site Indiegogo and was a massive success with 1.5 million dollar funding. While the campaign has promised quite a lot of innovative features including voice commands and support for all major mobile platforms, the company ran into trouble with lots of delays. Finally in July, the devices started shipping almost after 7-8 months of delay.

But the final product was far from perfect and there were quite a lot of issues. We had unboxed the device and also shared out initial impressions. Now we have the news that the company is going open source with their software powering the smartwatch. This was mentioned by the company’s project manager for app development, Nikka Lao, at the unofficial forum for the watch.


Lao also mentions that the Philippines office is closing down, but expects the device to continue. But we feel the future looks grim for the watch especially with the complaints and also the outrage on social sites against the company.


We will surely know in coming days whether Kreyos will continue to exist and will all the backers get the devices.


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