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Lenovo Quietly Enters Wearables Market with its Own Smartband

There have been multiple instances where Lenovo was rumored to launch its first set of wearable devices. Interestingly, it has happened without much fanfare, so much so, that the company hasn’t bothered to even offer a press release for its first ever smartband, and instead has simply put up a product page on its website.


Lenovo Smartband SW-B100 is a fitness smartband which is very similar to the ones we have seen from Goqii, Xiaomi and Razer. Lenovo is known to experiment with their designs and form factors, sadly that doesn’t seem to be the case with their first ever wearable device. Lenovo’s Smartband SW-B100 comes in two colors – blue and orange, and looks like every other smartband we have seen in recent times.

The Lenovo Smartband is for young people who take care of their personal health … It allows you to track daily exercise, sleep and heart rate, customise notifications to improve both work and life efficiency and automatically log in on a PC without entering a password.

Although, their official description mentions just PC, the Smartband SW-B100 (you need a better name than this, Lenovo) comes with a companion app for Android, iOS and of course the Windows. There’s no Windows Phone support still, but who’s surprised about that? The smartband will require devices running Android 4.3 and above, or iOS 7.1 and above, or Windows 8 and above.

Effectively, the Lenovo Smartband can track your steps, distance, calories and heart rate, and maps the data into its own apps available for Android, iOS and Windows. There’s also a sleep tracking option, along with smart device interactions like call/SMS alert reminder with number or name. There’s also a social angle built into the fitness tracker. Users can share their daily activity data to their favorite social networking site (which we assume is restricted to Facebook and Twitter).

One cool feature added into Lenovo’s smartband is auto-locking/unlocking of PCs without manually entering passwords, something very similar to what Apple demoed with the Apple Watch last month. For some reason, this feature is restricted to the PCs alone, but would have been nice if Lenovo could get it work on Android as well (like Xiaomi’s Mi Band).

There’s no mention of pricing and availability details yet, so be sure to check back as we update with any additional details.

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