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LG G Watch to be “Always On” and Water-Dust Resistant

LG announced it’s Android Wear power G watch when Google announced its exclusive platform for smart devices. While not much about the smartwatch was shared, now a teaser page is up showcasing features we always wanted to hear.

Always On: A smartwatch which needs a tap doesn’t just chime. Good thing is that G Watch will be always on making sure you wont miss your watch when you need to know the time.

LG G Watch Always On

LG G Watch Always On

Water and Dust Resistant:  While the cell phones take a cover in the pocket during rains, watches always face the unknown. Keeping in mind that traditional watches don’t get dirty and most of them are water resistant up to 50 meters, G Watch makes sure both of the issues are taken care of. This is important with the fact that the watch has microphones placed for its “Always On, Google Now” idea.

Lg G Watch Water Dust Resistant

LG G Watch Water & Dust Resistant

The Black and Gold: Those who expect the watches to be classy and designer, for a starting range, LG also posted some images which reveals the design in better ways. Not only the watch is coming in Stealth Black and Champagne Gold, the finishing looks good in pictures, specially with the curved edges and no visible ports for charging and so on.

LG G Watch Colors

LG G Watch Colors

Looking at the straps, they are definitely not leather but mostly some plastic which can last long. This watch is going to be attractive for starters if the price of the watch is around 180 to 200 USD. Any more a completion is already waiting.

That said, a detailed specs is yet awaited but if you have to believe the leaks and rumors, its most probably going to have an IPS LCD screen with 512 MB RAM and 4GB of internal storage.

Check out more at the Official LG G Watch Page

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