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LG G Watch Unboxing Video

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We finally have the Android Wear powered LG G Watch and after spending almost 24 hours with the watch, I would really hate to say that I can’t replace it for my watch which definitely looks more beautiful than this rectangular Lego like brick, if I have to put it like that. However, I am definitely excited about the technology and features it hold. Till now what I have experienced that its extremely useful when it comes to calls, emails, SMS as I don’t have to look where I have kept my mobile and don’t have to take it for most of the times.

What’s Inside the Box:

  • LG G Watch with screenguard.
  • A charger head.
  • A charger plate with micro USB port.
  • A data + charging USB cable.
  • A warranty card
  • and a manual.

Picture Gallery:

We will get back with a full review, tutorials and applications. SO stay tuned!!

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